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Smoke free homes

It is important not to smoke in your home as exposure to second hand smoke has a severe effect on anyone that is exposed to it. Children are particularly vulnerable to the negative health effects, which can impair their development. This vulnerability is due to the fact that children’s lungs are smaller and they breathe faster than adults, meaning that they inhale more second-hand smoke.

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     Health effects
     on children

  • Smoking in the home can lead
    to stillbirths and cot deaths
  • Cause your child to develop
    severe asthma attacks,
    respiratory and ear infections

Is there a safe limit?

There is no safe limit to second hand smoke exposure and it can effect anyone that comes into contact with it.

Prevent harmful effects of second hand smoke:

Planning ahead

By planning ahead we are more likely to stick to plans. One way to do this is by thinking of things
that could get in the way of keeping your home smoke free, for example…