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How It Works

How It Works

Due to the continuing COVID-19 recovery phase of the pandemic, Smokefree Liverpool has considered the risks to our advisors and our clients, so will continue our ‘safety first’ approach in line with government guidelines. Therefore, all ‘face to face’ sessions have stopped and will be replaced with telephone support during the enforced lockdown.

During the lockdown Smokefree Liverpool has continued to evolve as an innovative and forward thinking stop smoking service. We are now completely interactive so will use the latest technologies to deliver stop smoking support to all our clients. Advisors will support clients by either phone, text or online. You can also interact with us on facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How will I be supported if I try to quit during COVID-19?

Smokers will be supported for up to a period of 12 weeks with an advisor building a quit plan made to match your needs as you move through your stop smoking journey. Your plan will involve tips around behavioural change and relapse prevention that will help motivate you to stay on track during your quit attempt.

How will I get my products?

All products will now be requested, by your advisor, via an E-Voucher for nicotine replacement which is sent directly to your nominated Liverpool pharmacy. Prescription based products, like Champix or Zyban, will also be requested, by your advisor, directly through your GP.

Can I still have a CO reading?

Due to the risk of COVID-19 transmission we cannot continue with CO monitoring currently.

I am pregnant and want to stop smoking. What is on offer?

Pregnant smokers will continue to be supported as part of their antenatal care so should be advised to stop smoking to minimize the infection risk during Covid-19. All smoking in pregnancy clients will now be issued with nicotine replacement, free of charge, posted direct to your home address. Please contact the team on 0800 061 4212 or 0151 374 2535.

Can I come back if I have relapsed again?

Relapsed smokers can try to quit again with Smokefree Liverpool if the last quit attempt with us was at least three months ago.

Contact Us

Smokefree Liverpool can still be contacted:

By phone: 0800 061 4212 / 0151 374 2535

By text: QUIT to 66777

Or by completing the referral form Interact with us on Social media: @SF_Liverpool