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If you are interested in information on upcoming smoking cessation training and how to sign up, please look below at our training Calender

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Please note prior to attending all face to face training courses,it is essential to complete the following online course: NCSCT Core knowledge, Skills online assessment (NCSCT CK&S)


Note some pharmacies may have suspended stop smoking support during Covid19

The Pharmacy Stop Smoking Service is a support service delivered by a trained Stop Smoking Advisor based at their local pharmacy.


Pharmacies play a key part in the overall Smokefree Liverpool service. The service itself is a structured quit programme, targeting priority groups to reduce overall smoking prevalence. We have a select number of Pharmacies delivering this service in Liverpool

Need to make a referral?

If you are looking to refer a patient to our service, please use our secure form to send details to our team via by clicking below



Very Brief Advice Smoking Cessation Training

This is a free Face-Face power point session which takes approximately 45 minutes to deliver and is available to all organisations who work with smokers. It will help you to ‘guide’ your service users into the stop smoking service whilst avoiding any confrontation. Using a simple on-line referral pathway, we will show you the full support available in Liverpool. It will ‘teach’ your staff brief knowledge of tobacco and includes subjects like; What is in a cigarette, Second hand (passive) smoking, e-cigarettes and benefits of quitting.


Pregnancy Training

This is a free face-Face power point session that lasts approximately 1 hour. It is available for midwives and anyone who works with pregnant women. It looks at risks of smoking in pregnancy and the dangers of second hand smoking whilst also helping you to feel confident to raise the issue of smoking with your clients, their partners / families. It also covers the simple referral pathway and how to refer to our specialised pregnancy coordinator.


Intermediate Level 2 Training

This is a full day of practical training at our Liverpool office and is essential for anyone wishing to become an intermediate advisor in delivering the stop smoking service to their own service users. It covers all the subjects in the VBA training in more depth but also includes, smoking & mental health, nicotine’s effect on the brain, nicotine replacement products, carbon monoxide monitoring, motivational interviewing. It is a fully interactive day which includes quizzes, case studies and discussions. Anyone wanting to become a practitioner must also complete the National Centre Smoking Cessation Training (NCSCT) Assessment of Core Knowledge & Key Practice Skills. This is online certificated training and will also take around 7 hours to complete. We also encourage shadowing of our advisors in the community so you can practice your newly learned skills with an advisor at hand.